Counselling Approach

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Counselling Approach

Therapy seeks to address all aspects of the person

Our counselling approach flows from a holistic model, which views all aspects of a person – physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual—as integral to health and well-being. When one aspect is affected, all are affected. Therapy seeks to address the whole person to restore balance. This approach highly regards all people as valuable, worthy of dignity and respect.

A collaborative approach seeks to empower individuals, families and communities by working with clients to identify and utilize personal strengths and supports in their community which will promote and maintain healing and growth. Your frame of reference and theory of change are highly valued, including your culture, ethnicity, history, and faith perspective, as these shape your identity and sense of well-being.

Therapy treatment is uniquely tailored to meet your goals which are collaboratively agreed upon with the therapist. Because each individual is unique, the degree and pace of change will also depend upon your personal commitment, motivation and active participation. In order to facilitate change, you may be challenged and encouraged to move towards new growth, however, it is important that you feel comfortable and free to express yourself in sessions at all times.  You have the freedom and right to voice any concerns about what is happening in therapy or to refuse responding to a question.

Legal and Ethical Standards
Life Currents Counselling follows the Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors Code of Ethics and adheres to all provincial and federal laws.  Confidentiality, safety, respect and collaboration are all supported by the ethical guidelines.

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