About Susan Monkman


Therapist Qualities & Skills

Susan Monkman is a Winnipeg-based counselling therapist with a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science from Providence University College. Susan is a Certified member of the Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors.

She is a genuine, caring person who desires to provide a supportive and accepting place for people to safely explore aspects of your life that hinder personal growth and your sense of well-being. Through careful listening, sensitivity and encouragement, Susan will work with you to identify and challenge factors that are contributing to problem issues. She will help you to identify your strengths that will help move you towards self-acceptance and satisfying solutions.

Areas of Specialty

Couples Therapy:

Susan has specialized training and experience using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to help couples identify the negative cycles they get stuck in which can affect intimacy and the attachment bond. Couples will begin to experience a richer understanding of one another creating a new emotional response that strengthens the attachment bond, increasing trust, safety and intimacy in the relationship.

Individual Therapy:

Specializations in individual therapy include stress management (work related, life transitions, relationship), anxiety, panic attacks, trauma and abuse, depression, identity and self-esteem, suicide prevention, eating disorders, and grief and loss.

Susan has special interest in helping youth, young adults, men, women, and couples work through painful relational issues that stem from trauma and abuse, unresolved attachment issues, or social oppression related to ethnicity or race, age, gender and/or sexuality.

When appropriate and requested, she enjoys helping people incorporate their spiritual beliefs and practices in therapy to support their growth.

Cross-Cultural Experience

Shaped by a diverse cultural context, Susan has gained an understanding and appreciation of European, Western, and Aboriginal worldviews which contributes to an openness and sensitivity in working with culturally diverse clients and interracial couples. Through personal and professional involvement with the Aboriginal community, Susan is also sensitive to and aware of social and political issues affecting Aboriginal people as well as other minority groups.

In addition to perspectives gained from life experiences, training and practice in cross-cultural counselling has added to Susan’s desire to integrate culture, faith, and worldview into therapy, as all are strongly associated with identity and self-acceptance which is crucial to well-being.

As David Benner (2004), psychologist and spiritual director, profoundly stated;

“Only when you accept who you really are can you become who you are most deeply called to be”.

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Location: Life Currents Counselling, 325-530 Kenaston Blvd., Winnipeg R3N 1Z4
For appointments or more information call: (204) 471-5245 Email: sue.monkman@lifecurrents.ca

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About Susan Monkman
Therapist Qualities & Skills

Susan Monkman is a Winnipeg-based counselling therapist with a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts...